About Us

CHEAPTALK is a unisex independent clothing brand inspired by expression, creativity, and creative culture.

The name was chosen as a mantra. A mantra to get rid of self-doubt and all of the cheap talking I did myself, excuse after excuse as to why I cannot achieve my goals; creatively and personally.

At CHEAPTALK we cherish expression, individuality, quality, consistency and most of all creativity in all of its endless possibilities. Our products ooze with diversity. We have never wanted to place ourselves in a box by defining ourselves into a specific clothing niche, genre, or style.

We aim to be uniquely CHEAPTALK. Our inspiration are taken loosely from pop-culture, music, creative outlets, and creative concepts both old and new. CHEAPTALK thrives on producing items that have an unmatchable quality level and we do not take this lightly.

All of our designs and products are customized to produce the products that our customers will never want to take off. Designs are carefully created to impose feelings and the desires to be a part of our world.

Products are limited and we rarely ever restock. All of our stock will be shared freely with our customers to allow them the opportunity to be present with every release. We treat our products like collector’s items and pieces of artwork. We believe in our art and the art of those around us.

CHEAPTALK was created to get myself out of bed on those bad days. Nothing more than a dream of an average person, with the want for more. I’m glad you are here.

Joshua Howden – CHEAPTALK