CHEAPTALK is a unisex independent clothing brand inspired by expression, creativity, and creative culture.

The name was chosen as a mantra. A mantra to get rid of self-doubt and all of the cheap talking I did myself, excuse after excuse as to why I cannot achieve my goals; creatively and personally.


Creative Subculture Hoodie

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Hard work > Talent 

  • Slightly over-sized fitting.
  • 100% premium cotton.
  • 360GSM fleece.
  • Silk screen printing.
  • Automatic discount on multiple buys.
  • All products are numbered and signed in chronological order.


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The Visual Diary

  • The Creative Subculture

    By Joshua Howden

    CHEAPTALK was released on February 16th 2018 - with the phrase "Money where your mouth is".   After four years it's time for a change. Welcome to the Creative Subculture. The Creative Subculture is a place for everyone with a sense of creativity....