· By Joshua Howden

The Creative Subculture

CHEAPTALK was released on February 16th 2018 - with the phrase "Money where your mouth is".  

After four years it's time for a change. Welcome to the Creative Subculture. The Creative Subculture is a place for everyone with a sense of creativity. A lust to create or the love to absorb creation. 

I designed this hoodie as minimalist as possible as these sort of designs are in trend right now simple - yet bold and full of character. As you've seen in the passed my designs have been extremely diverse and that what I wanted for the brand but as time has gone on I've noticed a lack of understanding in what CHEAPTALK is and the direction of the brand.

I tried so hard to stay different that it challenged the brand as a business and by not locking myself in a box i did exactly that. 

This hoodie is a character of new beginning. I strongly believe that hard work beats talent every time. Something more creatives should believe. I know longer need a mantra "Money where your mouth is" to get myself to my studio everyday. And I no longer have need facade to prove I can be an artist and force what i like down your throats. 

New packaging - Premium Quality Fabric - At affordable pricing. 

Each product will be a canvas - numbered and signed. Showing full belief in our brand.

All Love 

Josh Howden